To inspire, encourage, cheer on!


Another warm day ahead, the windows are already open as a matter of fact. Normally I wouldn’t be too jazzed about this warmth in October but I kinda had a heads up from the Farmer’s Almanac who totally predicted it to be this way and since the windows are open so early I was granted the magic of a hoot owl just a few minutes ago as my morning yoga practice was ending and let me tell you it was such a beautiful experience. I love love love owls!

I worked all day long yesterday on a piece that I painted on cloth with wax, then cut out and sewed to another wax coated background.dscn3710 It’s not quite done yet but for the moment it’s just germinating until I know what to do with it next. Same thing for the great big piece too. I keep pinning things on it and taking them back off like trying on clothes or something but it has to be right and I need to feel it. I want to feel my art again and not just hurry through something just to have something to show. Sparky tells me all the time I need to work faster, do things that take less time, but I don’t want to loose the process, the emotion, the moments spent in creating it. I want to infuse it with Peace and Happiness and Positive Energy so that’s why I take my time and let it happen organically creating art with love you know? I want my art to stand for something and speak to someone. To inspire, encourage, cheer on! I even want it to hug you…tight…like your mama or like  you would hug a scared child. This probably makes no sense. It does in my head though….nice place to visit, my mind, but you wouldn’t want to stay long probably lol.

It’s light out now so I need to feed the Mama and her kittens and make the bed since Sparky just got up and then onto breakfast and art at some point. Have a great day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow pleasssseeeee. I’m going to be helping build a deck soon so I’ll show you how it comes along too!



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