About last night…

Let me tell you about last night! It was dark already as it is getting darker earlier and earlier and I’m okay with that but Sparky wasn’t home. He was helping my brother with some things around his house one town over but I wasn’t alone. Oh no, Rainy was home with her boyfriend and Sky was in his room and all the furry friends. I was making some notes sitting at the kitchen island when I heard something. I asked if they heard anything because I thought someone was here. They hadn’t heard anything but Michael got up opening the front door a little to see out but closed it again saying he saw nothing. I told him I heard something so he’s ducked down (he’s tall) trying to peer through the engraved window panels to see out when…knock, knock, knock…came to the door! And he sat back down!! So, I went to the door and found Sparky’s friend there. Molly nearly came through the window trying to get at him!! Holy cow man! I had to talk to him on the front porch. He left. Back inside. I start dinner. Late, holding out for as long as I could but starving I began figuring by the time I was done Sparky would be home anyway. Almost done with dinner. I hear something else. Michael tells me I can look this time since we made fun of him for sitting back down when someone knocked. I go to the door and crack it open to see out when Michael sneaks up behind me and let me just say it’s a good thing I didn’t need to pee! Ok, so it was Sparky, right? He’d be coming in the front door any minute, I went back to finishing up dinner when Molly lunged at the back door with a very serious, very mean growl and ferocious bark scaring me all over again!! Many expletives flew last night let me tell you! Okay, so when I finally went to bed with Bijou right beside me was slightly unnerved by her nervousness. Her eyes were as big as saucers every time she tapped at me to show me something just outside the window at the head of the bed! This went on off and on all night.

So, here we are on a whole new day!! Let the spooky fun begin! Hope your day is so cool! And I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art!


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