It’s life in all it’s randomness

What do you wish you knew then that you know now? Would it really have made a difference? I don’t know if it would have for me. I guess I have come to the point where I’m okay with the directions I’ve taken, the paths I laid out and followed most of the time without leaving any bread crumbs to help find my way back.

Don’t go back! That’s what they all say. But I say sometimes going back is the only way to go forward!! I like memories and nostalgia and vintage everything man! I spin vinyl and use Corningware and cast iron pans. I like it.

The past remains with me but I don’t live there live there, I do visit quite often. It helps me to know what it is important. That sense of Family and Peace and Love and Music and Art. It’s pancakes drenched in┬ásyrup, never ending coffee flow and messy hair at the breakfast table. It’s barefeet padding down the hall even if the feet are now 15 and 22. It’s kitty cats and dogs and cuddling on the sofa. It’s life in all it’s randomness.

This life, right now, will the past and why shouldn’t we want to hold onto the good parts of it? Ok, so don’t live in the past, live in the here and now, but feel free to visit the past and bring some of the good stuff back with you, you know, like music by Dylan and Harrison and Van Morrison!

I hope you have a really beautiful day my friend and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art!

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  1. Jnana Hodson says:

    Maybe it’s not randomness. One extended exercise I did looked at each of my turning points — relationship breakups, job changes, relocations across the country — and asked “what if” it had gone the other way. What if we had married or I had divorced earlier or the other job offer had come a week earlier. I would have avoided much pain and grief over the years, but I don’t see myself growing spiritually or intellectually as I have. In fact, what I kept seeing was a pattern of inevitability over the years.

  2. dawn says:

    I used to play the what if game with myself before deciding to just play the hand I held but hopefully be wiser next time but really who knows? My son says everything has a reason but I can’t help but wonder if sometimes…some things…are just random?

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