I wish I could be the time free, care free chick I once was

Sunday! Hello! All is quiet on the country homefront except for the dryer that is drying. Update from yesterday…Piper emerged from her hiding place under Sky’s bed well before midnight and peace is restored. I think.

Today, oh my gosh, today we have to go carry 500 pounds of Christmas decorations (I know it’s not even Halloween yet) up 500 steps for Sparky’s mother. We have to carry them up and then go back when she has reloaded them with 500 pounds of knick knacks that she unknick-knacked in order to make space for the Christmas paraphernalia carrying them back down 500 steps. I will so need yoga after this! And lots of coffee too! Rainy and Michael are coming along to help though so the more the faster and the faster the merrier since Sunday will probably fly by!! It will! I don’t want to sound negative or anything but time gets away from me. This morning I have cleaned the bathroom, washed the laundry that’s now drying, cleaned the liter box, fed the inside furry friends (still need to feed the strays), I carried out all the garbage and showered and practiced yoga and now here I am and it’s already after 7am! In fact, it’s almost 8!!

I wish I could be the time free, care free chick I once was…sigh…what would that be like? It would be like whatever and who cares? What time is it? I don’t know…don’t need to know. I’m just chillin’ hanging around grooving to some tunes on the table table, burning some incense, crocheting or painting or just sitting with my feet up on the porch rail watching the clouds pass by man…no worries, no stress, no cooking or chores, just living, in the moment man. Tuned in and turned on.

There’s got to be a happy balance in there right? And I’m gonna find it! Maybe not today with all the heavy lifting and stuff but someday…soon and maybe possibly today…who knows?

I do know though that I will meet you back here tomorrow!! Hope you can stop by but until then…go…be carefree, let me know how you like it! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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