off the charts freaking BIZARRE


Today has been off the charts freaking BIZARRE!  If I told you all about it you still wouldn’t believe it. But here’s the bullet list (literally)…

  1. long lines
  2. bombed the house to rid it of bugs that no doubt ran from across the street
  3. crated cats that are so not use to being crated
  4. sat outside as fumigation fumigated
  5. bored son
  6. dumbass with a gun down the lane went nuts shooting
  7. Rainy yelled letting him have it…didn’t do any good but it’s making us laugh now
  8. Molly panicked because of the gunfire and tried to scale the fence causing herself to bleed (she’s ok)
  9. Zoey (Rainy’s chihuahua) jumped in a barrel of tadpole water (which was hilarious)
  10. a huge catfight after all was said and done back in the house
  11. now Piper is under Sky’s bed and probably won’t come out again until after midnight!

What a day!! Whew! If I drank…I’d be drinking. Instead I’ll pour another cup of coffee and make art until evening yoga and remind myself to breathe. Y’all have a great evening and try to stop again tomorrow when hopefully Piper has emerged and Peace is restored! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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