Free Verse Hippie Poetry…Fishing For Peace


Bon fires by the seaside

low tide

no ties

no shoes


No stress allowed here

fishing off the pier

for peace.Hippie Puffer Fish by Dawn Collins

Hope is the bait

can’t wait!

Feet on a banister

coffee in a cup, cookies in a canister

looking out at magic


this peace isn’t so easily found

safe and sound

like a sleeping baby





peace can surround

the earth in a warm embrace


the past

move forward to a future of bliss

like this

bonfire and seaside

low tide


on life



Ooh, I think I like it. Off the top of my hippie head and I’m not even at the seaside, in between the sea and mountains really. Hope you dig it my friend and I hope you will stop by again tomorrow but I’ll probably be late, it’s Saturday tomorrow! Saturdays are crazy around here! Have a beautiful day!! Much Peace Love Art!


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