we could all use a little more bliss in our lives


It’s a beautiful morning. It’s chilly (in the 40’s) there’s a blend of incense and coffee in the air that is unmistakably homey for me. Piper is sleeping on a cushion that’s resting on top of a crate of fabric under my drawing table. It’s her new favorite spot. Bijou is sitting next to me on the table at the front windows of the studio just gazing out at the day just beginning and off to a slow start (thank Goodness!). It will pick up though. Sparky has a doctor’s appointment for his sleep apnea and then the day will just fly by! But for now, in this moment, it’s still and quiet and peaceful.

As I’m writing this a small flock of geese just flew by as Bijou and I watched. So unified working together it was a beautiful sight, really magical and I loved it. This is the closest thing to bliss I’ve felt in a while and I’m savoring it. I think we could all use a little more bliss in our lives don’t you? It doesn’t have to be big events like a day at the spa (which I wouldn’t do anyway, not that there’s anything wrong with day spas but I’d be itching to get back to my studio and yoga mat and coffee pot).

Bliss should be easily obtainable and probably is if you can get past the daily life events. Could bliss be squeezed in between car pool and grocery shopping? Could bliss be found in journaling outside under the autumn trees with a breeze that lifts your hair every so often making you glad you wore a cute scarf and hat?

Could bliss be found in looking through childlike eyes at the sunrise or sunset or falling rain or flower petal?

Could bliss be found while boiling a pot of spaghetti for dinner or while buttering and crushing the garlic for bread? Could bliss be found while folding laundry with intent and love knowing you’re doing this for your family? Could bliss be found looking into your furry friend’s eyes after walking them or brushing them or after they have greeted you at the door having missed you all day long?DSCN1898100_1653

Bliss could be tea in a pretty cup with a saucer 100_3688you don’t normally take time to use. Bliss could be your favorite album. Bliss could be sitting outside with fleece throw as the sun sets for the dayDreams of Nature Afghan. Bliss could be found in a good book, maybe one old and worn with dog-eared pages maybe something by Dickens? I love reading Dickens in the fall. Bliss could be a late afternoon walk as smoke spirals up from chimneys and you need a sweater even though the sun is still out. Bliss could be 100_3572.jpg           homemade bread or cookies baking in a warm oven. Bliss could be a hot shower or long soak (especially if you have a claw footed tub which I want want want!). Bliss could be looking at water or mountains or your backyard. Bliss could be a warm memory or a someday plan. Bliss could be incense and yoga. Bliss could be quilting or knitting or weaving. Bliss could be talking to someone who just really gets you. Bliss could be at your finger tips.

I hope we can all find a little more bliss everyday. Life’s too short you know? So work a little bliss into life and try to stop by again tomorrow please 😀

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