Birkenstocks and bell bottoms! how about that?

It’s election time here in the US and politics is usually something I steer away from talking about because from I can see political talk can come to blows or least harsh words and broken friendships. I think that’s just sad because your friend is your friend and that politician doesn’t care about us at all. They care about themselves, their careers and padding that bank account and some people are loosing their tempers and relationships over this mess. My message is this…vote for who you feel is best for the job even if that crosses your party line and keep it quiet. Nobody needs to know, not really, it helps no one to fight over these people they don’t fight over you. They aren’t sacrificing anything for you and wouldn’t…ever…soooo…..don’t loose anything important for them or in defense or support for them. Just chill, cast your vote and live.

Ok, my friend, I’m off the soapbox again but I just want Peace for us all even in all this political chaos and I have to admit I wish we had more choices. A nice peace loving hippie in the white house, some incense burning during Peace talks, yoga on the lawn, no buttoned up and uncomfortable clothes…Birkenstocks and bell bottoms! how about that? (smiling at you right now) (hope you’re smiling back).

Have a beautiful day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow if you can…no more political talk I promise 😀 Much Peace Love Art!


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