Free Verse Hippie Poetry…

Green murky water

too chilly to skinny dip in

but trying hard to entice us anyway

the day

was done and the night was dark


above offering wishes

stolen kisses

no one but the Man on the Moon

to see

show and tell

the night’s spell


like a net to catch

our secrets and dreams and schemes and things

what remains

to be seen

in the light of day

to go


to stay

whatever, who cares anyway?

I do, you do, we do

that’s who

that’s why

night’s like this are so dear

in the dark sometimes you see more clear

especially by the green murky water



and the

Man on the Moon

this moment will be gone too soon.

Hope you dig today’s free verse hippie poetry written on the fly. And I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art!


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