Today feels more like a music kind of day


Groovin’ to a little Starbuck’s Moonlight Feels Right this morning. Oxymoron? Who cares? I love this song! Today feels more like a music kind of day. A homemade biscuit with chicken and honey mustard kind of day…veggie chicken for me though. It feels like a coffee and art all day kind of day (what day doesn’t feel that way though?) It feels like a book on tape kind of day…I’d love to listen to a great story while I worked when I wasn’t listening to more great music…Year of the Cat is on now. Pandora, not vinyl, not yet.

Everyone is still sleeping except for me and the cats. How appropriate is that? (see above song). I’ve cleaned the bathroom, second load of laundry is washing, first is drying, fruit is ready for breakfast in a little while and bread is on it’s first rise and will be ready for it’s second by 8am. I’ve fed the furry friends and made coffee and practiced power yoga and showered and cleaned the liter box too. I haven’t made any art yet though and I’m really jonesing to.

It feels like an anything is possible kind of day. A manifesting kind of day. An electric energy kind of day.

I hope it’s a day you love and will remember as special and I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow…free verse hippie poetry day! I wonder what the verse will be? Meet me back here to find out! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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