Do you think maybe, just possibly…

Do you think maybe, just possibly, anything is possible? Like anything good, helpful, whimsical and fun, beneficial and bonafide and just plain awesome could at any minute just happen? Happen without force or trouble or misunderstandings or taking from someone else? Do you think there could be enough for everyone and politicians wouldn’t lie and water was drinkable for us all? Do you think little furry friends could be treated with care and respect like they matter, like they count? Do you think children could go to school feeling safe and return home safely? Do you think babies born today could be friends no matter what religion or race or economic standing they come from? Do you think people could learn to meditate instead of fight and walk instead of ride (when possible), and find solace in music rather than a bottle or drug? Do you think we could just find peace? I have hope. It’s why I  make art, why I think life is indeed good, not because of circumstances but in spite of them. It’s why I show up here to hang with you, inviting you into my little simple barefoot home and why I’m so happy when you stop by and I hope hope hope you will stop by again tomorrow my friend. Much Peace Love Art.

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