There’s nip in the country air this morning and I love it…


There’s  nip in the country air this morning and I love it. The grass is wet and the outside cats had a great conversation with me just a few minutes ago. My own indoor felines are chillin’ in different windows and seem rather content and pleased this morning. The house is so quiet. Sparky just left to go work after he had his breakfast….scrambled fluffy eggs with butter toast and fresh fruit and my bread is on it’s first rise and the laundry just finished drying so I’ll take care of that before I eat but after I put the bread on it’s second rise and then later I’m going to have to borrow Rainy’s car, as mine is still out of commission but the parts have shipped…YaY!,  to go to the post office and library.

Library!! I love love love the library! You know what else I love? October Mondays. I don’t know why but I do, I just really do.

There’s a bit of traffic on my little country lane this morning. You see, I don’t live on a road that you just travel on. You have to have a reason to come by here and it’s probably to go to the grill, the closest place to eat other than your own kitchen. It’s plain and small and typical of how you would picture it really. Tables and chairs with a walk up counter to place your order before you sit down. Very nondescript but it does well, I mean the choices are limited but…It butts up against our only convenience store/gas station. Making it a convenience store/gas station/grill/community center since there are benches out front where old men gather to swap tall tales and such. If it had a post office it would be perfect! What it lacks in style it makes up for in character and small community atmosphere. There’s even usually a dog that wanders up for pets and bites of food before he meanders on back home where he’ll probably act like he’s been all the while…country dogs are like that. My own country dog, Molly, is in the oasis and I’m about to go let her back in so she can have breakfast too.

So, dear friend, I’m gonna bounce but have a really beautiful October Monday, I mean we only get four of them a year! But wait! I think we actually get five of them this year!!! Hurray!! Five October Mondays!! And the last one is Halloween. Does that mean kids will Trick-or-Treat on Monday or over the weekend and if it’s on the weekend will it be Friday or Saturday. Probably Saturday since High School football is on Friday nights and high school football is very big around here and probably there too. It doesn’t really matter I guess since my kids are no longer little ghosts or goblins and won’t be going to out to collect any candy and we have never ever gotten any trick or treaters out here although we always buy Halloween candy just to be on the safe side wink wink nod nod, it’s usually, ok always, what Sparky loves the most since he has the longest sweet tooth of all time. It’s all good. Sooo, meet me back here tomorrow ok? Much Peace Love Art!!


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