Can you believe it?


The parts are ordered for the car but until then I’m homebound. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to drink coffee and make art…what’s a girl to do? The thing is though I need to go to the post office to mail out a peace flag and I have library books due both tomorrow and Sparky is working soooo….Rainy….

I am intending to clean out the closet today and purge my clothes even the items I love if I haven’t worn them. This is going to be a task that takes many many many hours and a lot…A LOT of music to get through. When it’s all said and done though, I’ll be happy and satisfied.

If you read yesterday’s post (which was late) you know we went to yard sales where I found a leg lamp!! Not a big one but a small one and I love love love it! I also got five pairs of soft soft soft warm yoga pants for this winter! So yay!! Oh and some Birkenstocks!!! Brand new!!!! Can you believe it? Guess how much I paid for them? 2.00!! Two dollars!! Oh my gosh! I got a great pair of moccasins for 2.00 too at another yard sale and a panini maker for 5.00 and a great coffee old fashioned coffee pot for 2.00!! I can’t wait to use it! We were out until past lunchtime usually we’re home around 10 I don’t think we sat down to have breakfast which was really lunch until after 1!! That’s how late our yard sales ran because there were so many many many of them! So, we’re all running one meal behind and I’m personally running about 3 pots of coffee behind!

When the car broke down (which was late in the evening when we were out running more errands…there were a lot of errands yesterday) I made good use of the time. Sky and I hoofed it over to the Dollar Store so I could get my coffee filters. Who knows how long this week I’ll be grounded and no way will I be grounded without coffee. I actually don’t mind being grounded. I’d rather be home in the studio making art or zines or quilting…getting messy doing something anyway. After the post office and library on Monday that is.

Ok, my friend, I wanted to check in with you in case I get trapped under something big and heavy like a pile of discarded clothes lol, so stop back by again tomorrow to check on me  ok? Much Peace Love Art!


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