If I had missed it I would have been so sad

You woke me up

And I’m so glad

If I had missed it I would have been so sad.

A good storm is a terrible thing to miss

who would want to sleep in a moment like this?

Raining pouring down

Lightning streaking the sky

No one passing by…

all was still

like the whole world was holding it’s breath in anticipation…




when the next boom of the thunder drum would sound


the earth

with energy and life force

coursing it’s way across the night

like a mythical bird in flight

mesmerized by the sight

and sound of heavy wings

making everything

and nothing as it seemed.

Peace was found by the end


the breeze turned cool

and the duel

of heavy rain drenched clouds


to each other

and we drifted back off to sleep

with ease and peace

thanking Mama Nature for the show

letting us know

the tiniest extent of her power

even at this early hour.

Today’s free verse hippie poetry is inspired by the storm we had only a few hours ago that I did indeed enjoy from my view laying in bed by an open window as rain blew in and thunder rolled and Bijou

curled close to me and it was bliss. Hope you dig it! And I hope you can stop back by again tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art 😀



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