You wanna hear a secret? Promise you won’t laugh?

I know, I know,  I know that when you are practicing yoga you’re suppose to feel in the moment not thinking ahead or back just living in the pose, focusing on the breath and I love that, so it’s so special when in those moments I’m granted with inspiration for a new zine or peace piece or sometimes even a phrase that seems important. Sounds great and full of synchronicity right, so much so that obviously anything formed in such a zen state must fall into place easily right?

Wrong. I forget or loose the vibe or have something else I need to finish first and by the time it’s all said and done it’s gone. Gone like a wish on a dandelion petal. And it’s not just yoga time that these moments of inspiration hit, obviously the muse is speaking to me, sometimes when I’m here with you, my friend, that I feel just like I know what I should do. It’s weird, like I can feel it, but it’s all conceptual you know? Harder to put into reality since I can’t really shape the thought just the idea of the thought. I don’t think I’m explaining this very well but hopefully you can kind of get what I mean.  Hopefully,  I can get what I mean lol.

You wanna hear a secret? Promise you won’t laugh? I’d like to be a writer. I would like to write little anecdotes that make you feel so good and hopeful and peaceful, words that you would want to read and reread again and again and maybe even share with someone you love.

I would love to paint a picture with words like I do with wax and mixed media. I’d love for you to curl up in a cozy reading nook and with coffee or hot tea in a pretty cup and a saucer because it should be an event and relished maybe even with a ginger snap cookie or two. I’d love for you to see there all comfy and cozy and look at the pictures and read the words that mean way more than they say and you feel it, really feel it…the peace and hope there. And when the coffee or tea is all gone and you’re carrying the empty vessel to the sink to rinse it out you’ll possibly just refill and go do it all over again because your ‘me time’ was so good you just don’t want it to be over and feeling inspired you return to your creative spot where you pick up a pen and begin to add your own thoughts and pictures and feelings and emotions to the pages, to the margins, to new sheets once blank quickly become embellished with peace love and happiness you created because you felt it.

Sigh…I wish you a great day my friend. A day of peace, of happiness, of spontaneous bursts of inspiration that you act on immediately and I hope you will stop by again tomorrow…free verse hippie poetry day! Yay!


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  1. joanmocco says:

    I smile every time I see your posts. Thank you for your positive vibes and joyful art.

    1. dawn says:

      Oh my gosh!! Thanks so much!! Sometimes I wonder if I’m talking to myself which I really do lol. Great big hugs my friend!!

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