Free Verse Hippie Poetry…Breathe

Sleepy still in my eyes

yawns instead of sighs

indigo skies and candlelight

I could go back to bed and I might

but I don’t


I rolled out my yoga mat

and sat

for a moment

just breathing in and out

in and out




The calm settled in

I begin

to move in rhythm to the breath

the life

the sound of silence

the sound of peace and ease

head drops to the knees



third eye open

heart is too

moments like these are far too few

Arms rise overhead

reaching for bliss and forever and the morning star and the moon

An hour passes way too soon

but there’s coffee in the pot and art on the easel

cats spying on me like sneaky little weasels

waiting their turn on the yoga mat

where an hour ago I sat

just breathing and out.

Inspired by the yoga I just practiced and the cats that shared my mat…Atmananda Yoga here’s a link if you want to practice it. I love love love Atmananda!!! I hope you have a blissful day and I hope you can stop back by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art 😀



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