I love sunflowers more than roses and a hemp bracelet more than a diamond one. I like homemade handmade over store bought any day

I like silly poems that don’t make any sense more than I like love poems.

I like rainy days, not drenching downpours so much but a slow steady rain that is conducive to a stroll with an umbrella.

And coffee, I love coffee. I drink coffee all day long, all year long. I drink coffee all the way to bedtime and have no trouble falling asleep. I do have trouble staying asleep…hmmm. Oh well.

I like foggy days and chilly days and October Mondays.

I love Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin and George Harrison and Van Morrison among many others. I love music. Old music, the music that will last forever…The Beatles, and Dylan and The Steve Miller Band…

I love yoga. I really do. I love the flow and the breathe/body movement. I love the way it grounds me and lets me fly. I love the balance of strength and flexibility. I love that I can put my legs behind my head at my age and I love that I feel better in my fifties than I ever did in my 30’s.

I love old black and white movies…Gaslight, Rebecca, Jane Eyre, and Sorry, Wrong Number to name a few.

I’d rather be barefooted than in heels except in the winter and I when I go out I usually wear moccasins in the summer and in the winter warm wooly boots found at a yard sale for a dollar maybe two and I love soft soft soft socks and flannel sheets and handmade scarves and hats.

I love sunflowers more than roses and a hemp bracelet more than a diamond one. I like homemade handmade over store bought any day and I love baskets of yarn balls and needlepoint although I have never tried needlepoint myself but I’m getting the jones to try it. I do crochet and knit and weave and bead loom when I’m not making my crazy art but now it’s all kind of becoming one thing you know?

I love veggies, good thing since I’m a vegetarian and practically vegan…sometimes I have some ice cream or egg whites, not often but if I wanted it I would eat it so I guess I wouldn’t really be vegan. I don’t know about lima beans though. I hated them as a child and have not tried them since. I do have some in a can and maybe one day I will try them again.

I love books! I love old books found in used book stores. Books well worn from being read and reread with notes written in the margins and dog eared pages a little yellow from time. I love stacks of books and books on bookshelves and by the bed on the table and in tall leaning towers spanning up from the floor beside a favorite chair in the reading nook. I love the pages and the smell and the covers!  I may have an unhealthy obsession with books but I don’t think so.

I love second hand stores not big chain ones but obscure ones where the really good stuff can be found like vintage concert t-shirts and jackets with notes still tucked in a pocket. Really old stuff and steampunk stuff (love steampunk). I once got a pair of elbow length white leather gloves that I thought were very Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s and have them still.

I love cooking in cast iron frying pans and woks and bamboo steamers.

I love cats and dogs and birds and frogs and skunks and lizards. I love animals. Just last night I dreamed I had my very own black bear cub. He was so soft and plump and I was rolling around with him and hugging him and we were playing and when I woke up I felt so happy. I need to hug a bear cub, I’ve already hugged plump little Piper which almost the same thing but not.

There’s a lot more things that I love but this has already gotten so long and I’m so sorry for that. I hope you can focus on things you love today and I hope you’ll stop by tomorrow for free verse hippie poetry!

Much Peace Love Art 😀



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