if you get a chance to go to a pig race I highly recommend it

Yesterday started off with a yard sale find! A kind of kayak/canoe. It’s a Malibu Two Kayak. That’s right, we’re now kayak people lol that’s how we float. I have dreams of rowing up a river on a cool fall day with a picnic basket and our dog Molly. The air will be so crisp and cool and the leaves with be beautiful with colors of russet and gold and purple. We’ll make coffee over our camp fire (a fire made by rubbing two sticks together like on Naked and Afraid but I’ll be sure to have a lighter too just in case) when we reach a little out of the way island. I can hardly wait!!

After yard sales we ate breakfast and after that we went to pick up the kayak and go to the market for produce and after that I made lunch and after that we went to the county fair. Not our country fair but one county over. We went in particular to see the pig races because it’s not every day you see pigs fly! Lol! OMG!!!! They were so ADORABLE!!!!  I want one so much now!!! I’ll probably get over it but as of right now I’d love to have one but I won’t be actively looking you know? But they were so freaking  cute!!!  It was so hot outside nearly 100 degrees and not at all what I would consider ideal county fair weather. But the pigs made it worth the sweat! dscn3649

I would consider ideal county fair weather as cool if not down right chilly. Weather that beckons apple cider and caramel apples and cute hats…I love hats.

I think I will clean out all my clothes again and put together whole ensembles right down to things like hats and scarves for the fall and if there’s something I don’t love then out it goes to find someone who will love it much and  wear it often. By doing this I’ll be able to group items that are interchangeable like this shirt can go with that pant or skirt and this scarf too! I’ll be so organized! It’ll take forever probably but not if I really dial back my clothes and keep only the things I absolutely love. I would rather have 5 or 6 complete outfits I adore that a closet full of blah. I mean clothes totally effect your mood, they do me anyway.  I really dig this idea. I’ll let you know later on if I actually do it as I will not be doing it today.

I’d rather wait for the weather to turn and it’s still summer, it’s still HOT! And according to the Farmer’s Almanac it’s going to to be a warm autumn…bummer!! I hate to prove them wrong but in this case I really need them to be wrong. I need cooler weather, I need the crisp days and chilly nights. Indian Summer is awesome but it came and went leaving nothing but humidity and misery lol.

Ok, so enough complaining and now onto breakfast as I am starving!! So, have a great Sunday and if you get a chance to go to a pig race I highly recommend it! Meet me back here tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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