Free Verse Hippie Poetry…Midnight Velvet

In the midnight velvet

I felt it

the mystery of life and all the stupid strife

the words that can cut like a knife

slipped away

not just for today

or until another day

but gone forever into the midnight blue

where so few

have traveled

not knowing the way

or how long to stay

but it doesn’t matter

cause it’s always there

outside the square

box of we call

the rat race

who wants to live at that pace

me trying to pass you and you getting ahead of me

what’s everyone trying to see?

who’s car is faster?

who’s house is bigger?

who’s wallet is fatter?

Why does it matter?

Aren’t we the same

made of flesh and blood and bone?

If you have more that doesn’t make you right and

if you have less that doesn’t make you wrong.

But our past can make us strong

and if you take my hand

we can slip silently into

midnight velvet

to the time I last felt it…


Free at Last.

I hope that doesn’t sound macabre but it’s the words that I heard in my crazy hippie head this morning as I sit in the window seat peering into the midnight blue even though it’s nearly 6:30am  and I have only had two cups of coffee (so far).

I hope you have a really beautiful, if slightly mysterious kind of day, and I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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