smooth like river rocks


Bare feet on wood plank floors, cool and worn smooth like river rocks, the river, youth, days spent just lazing on the bank as the water lapped up toward the outspread blanket we lounged on while listening to the portable radio hoping to hear our favorite songs. Nothing but blue skies, cotton ball clouds and endless possibilities to be explored someday, but not this day, because we were young and had all the time in the world. There was no cell phone so no one could get us without driving out to the river too. No constant onslaught of information, the social media was talking right there, right then, no abbreviations, no text messages, no confusion. We said what we had to say and there was no doubt (usually) in what it meant because it’s different when you can hear a voice and see a face you know? At the end of the day we were tanned and happy and ready for another day just like it tomorrow unless we went hiking instead…the future could wait just one more day but the summer was ticking away and there was only so much time to leave damp barefoot prints on wood plank floors.

Sigh…I hope you have a great day my friend, maybe you can leave a damp footprint today and if you can’t because the future caught up to you like it did me, then just enjoy the memories ’cause they work too šŸ˜€ Big hugs my friend. Try to stop by again tomorrow for free verse hippie poetry which I may start trying to use in a zine soon…I’ll keep you posted!


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