free verse hippie poetry…Third Eye Open


Who’s that looking at me

eyes wide shut

don’t need them to see

the soul

the essence

that once whispered

now shouts


laughs out


authentic and proud

stepping from the shadows

shaking off the shroud

that’s freedom baby

no more maybe

I will or I won’t

I can or I can’t

I can


I will

not be still

Come and we’ll dance

in the moonlight


oh what a sight

a million firefies

and stars in the skies

living and laughing and loving

without disguise

eyes wide shut


third eye open

the mind

no more behind

but ahead

soul being fed

well on

music and art and peace

sinking onto the green grass

with ease




Lol, well, there you have it my friend, today’s free verse hippie poetry. Had no idea where it was going but I hope it got there. Meet me back here tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art 😀



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