can you teach an old hippie new tricks


I ask you, can you teach an old hippie new tricks and I answer you…yes, yes you can lol. I am back in school. I’m taking a Social Media Marketing course. It’s online but it’s still school and I’ve only had one class since it just started today but it’s really interesting and I’m learning a lot!

On the drawing table I have a new painting almost done and I did take a picture of it but it came out dark dark dark!

Oh my gosh, a hummingbird just came by for breakfast and I think the feeder is empty! I must rectify this asap. On the table outside my studio window I see a furry bundle of happy sleepy cats. I love that. Our House There’s a little breeze and there’s a few sunflowers

still standing although most have fallen  so I brought down the beautiful heavily seeded heads and put them in a basket for the birds and they have been feasting let me tell you!

Life at the moment is…bliss…pure country bliss. I’m going to go enjoy it. I hope you have a blissful day my friend and I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art!


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