I don’t think I will be able to think about anything else until I do.

I am rediscovering my love of zines lately. I know, I know…do I really need to start another project and to answer the question…yes, yes I do. I have to work on one today. Yes, I have to. I don’t think I will be able to think about anything else until I do.

I do have a peace piece on the easel though that I am loving loving loving. It’s based off a postcard I did years ago. I am finding that the art I did ages ago before I was signed by a licensing agent is some of my most favorite work. It’s authentic and real and has soul and emotion in it. It’s more me than the commercially kind of stuff I tried to do for them and even though I did get a few contracts the art didn’t have the same heart you know?

I want to get my art in a gallery or two again. At one time my art hung in three galleries. You know where I would really love to see my art? Everywhere lol. I just want to make people smile and feel something, spark a memory with a song lyric or image. I want to make art that makes a difference, inspires and enhances HAPPY.  The world needs more HAPPY! I think we need an International Happy Art Day! Perhaps a Happy Art Month since the world is running on HAPPY deficit.

Okay, my friend, I’m gonna bounce and drink up some more coffee and live authentically, I hope you have a great day and can meet me back here tomorrow!

Much Peace Love Art 😀


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