free verse hippie poetry…Be The Peace


Be The PeaceI went for a walk anyhow

to live in the here and now

seeking answers to life’s questions

hoping for suggestions

to carry me through

whatever I do

whatever I can do

for the many

for the few.

Along the way I met a caterpillar

sitting on a sunflower throne

he couldn’t talk much

a bee was circling him like a drone,

but here’s what he did say….

Be The Peace.

I thanked him and walked on

where I met a raven perching on a low branch

giving me sideways glance,

he said…

If it’s the secret of life you seek, it’s easy, right in front of your face…

Be The Peace.

I shook my head in agreement and strolled on

coming to a little dog really short legs

but a mighty bark to make up for his shortcomings

he thought I was a dummy,

didn’t I know this already? he said,

Be The Peace.

A little ladybug landed on my shoulder and said don’t mind him dear, he hasn’t had his coffee yet, but it’s true…

Be The Peace

and then she flew.

Back home the sky was blue and clouds were few

except for some big fluffy ones like cotton candy

I was feeling pretty dandy when looking up I spotted it

there in the sky of blue and fluffy clouds of which there were few

a peace sign

just to remind


Be The Peace

you seek.

There it is my friend, today’s free verse hippie poetry inspired by this morning’s true events and yesterday’s painting. Hope you dig it. And I hope you’ll stop back by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art!


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