I am a hippie raising a hippie


Today is starting out with the sound of a small plane flying by, birds singing and Piper eating her breakfast. Inhale Peace.

I’m just back in from emptying scraps into the compost bin and feeding Mama and Kittens and my flip flops are soaking wet! I mean sloshing!! Lol. I knew I should have just went out barefooted!

Today’s is Sky’s final day of driver’s ed. The class room part that is, he’ll have to go back for the driving part. Sparky rode with me the other day to pick him up and I guess he started looking around at the other parents waiting too and said to me…I bet we’re the oldest parents here. To which I replied…you mean the coolest parents here! 😀

You know my friend,  I am a hippie raising a hippie son and sometimes Sparky isn’t exactly cool with this as sometimes he thinks normal is a better way of life. I ask you, what is normal anyway?

I think it’s important to be who we are, not who others think we should be. I think we should live and let live. I think kids should have opinions and ideas and encouragement.

So I may be older than some of the other parents but how many of them can put their legs behind their heads, do splits and shoulder stands and headstands and back bends? You gotta love yoga man!

Okay my friend, I’m off to fold the laundry and work on one of my four projects (I’ve added one more, I’m an artist, I can do that lol).  And I need to refill the coffee mug, so have a beautiful day and just be you ’cause you are marvelous! Try to meet me back here tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art 😀


2 Comments Add yours

  1. PipTanager says:

    I’m riding the same flow, mama! Time to refill that mug and create. Started the day walking barefoot on the dewy grass here in New England. If that’s hippie, then we have curves that are out of this WORLD. ;D

  2. dawn says:

    Oh my gosh!! Heavenly!! New England, morning dew, barefeet…paradise!! I have always wanted to spend time in New England!! Enjoy my friend, enjoy!! Big hugs 😀

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