free verse hippie poetry…


Green gypsy eyes

full of tears

full of lies

deep thoughts hidden there

regrets and wishes written on the air

living in a realm of mystery and me

like hovering above the sea

of love

a dove




what’s inside

untouched potential

endless possibilities

different realities

sand and sea

sun rising behind me

moon just behind you

what to do

a question asked by many

answer known by only a few

Throw caution to the wind and Live


me peace

and ease

and music

and magic


that’s it.


Today’s free verse hippie poetry. A little dark perhaps but I promise I’m not in a dark place, actually I feel ready to do something!  Something big but unsure what that big thing is as of yet but I’ll keep you posted 😀 Oh….in case you’re wondering from the other day about the bookshelf thing…I did it!

Have a beautiful day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art~


2 Comments Add yours

  1. PipTanager says:

    love it! did you paint this, too?

  2. dawn says:

    Thanks!! I sure did. Glad you dig it!

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