coffee and food

I know there will probably be redraws but I completed the last of the illustrations yesterday in the midst of a crazy busy day. It took almost two hours last night to get them all scanned and sent to the publisher and writer but they are gone now so wish me luck that the redraws will be few (none would be awesome) lol.

I loved drawing these images though. There are so many peace flags I could make using this as inspiration maybe a whole art quilt!

It’s hard for me to transition back into making my crazy mixed media art after working on a project for so long. All I want to do is rearrange my studio but I like my studio I just wish I could open the window seat back up as it is now blocked with a table I sometimes¬†paint on.

I need to be balanced right now and I’m not. I practiced yoga and even my balance postures that I can do I struggled with tis morning. Oh well, cie la vie right? It’s all good. I will go have some coffee and food and relax for five minutes since the laundry is done, the bread is rising, the bed is made, and the bathroom is clean! Sky has driver’s ed but Rainy’s taking him and I’ll be picking him up and there’s Taco Tuesday for lunch and dinner so good, no cooking for me except for Sky’s brunch before class and my own food and I already made my salad for lunch when I was making bread while ago so I ‘m actually ahead of the game!! Wow!! That feels pretty good!

Okay, my friend, enough rambling, have a great day and try to stop by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art~


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