Oh my gosh, it’s August!


Oh my gosh, it’s August! July, you were pretty great! My art was on the cover of Soul Sister Wisdom magazine, I sold some happy hippie art that made it’s way across the pond and the US, I almost finished the illustrations for Kathy Robert’s new book and I practiced a lot of yoga and drank a lot of coffee and oh yeah, I even caught a few Pokemon with my daughter’s phone while walking lol.

I wonder what wonderful things will happen in August. That’s not a question just a wondering and I wonder about lots of things. I wonder where people on the interstate are going, not so much wondering about country roads as country roads lead home most of the time 😀

I wonder what my cats are thinking and what Molly, our Choc. Lab. is dreaming about when she cries in her sleep. I think she’s remembering Thor. I miss him so much still.

I wonder what’s going on right now in other places like Paris and Cortona and down the street.

I wonder what would happen if I threw all caution to the wind!

I wonder how much inking I could get done before I stop to make breakfast if I started right now…think I’ll explore this one further!

Y’all send Sky positive vibes he starts Driver’s Ed today. He’ll be in class for four hours! 11 days! He’s always been homeschooled so this is big…positive energy appreciated for us both! Thanks!!

I hope you’ll stop back by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art 😀

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