It was like it always was in the summer


Today I did something I haven’t done for years and years and years!! And I am so gonna do it again soon. I met my sister at my Nona’s house (my uncle and aunt’s house now)  we met there this morning to hunt Indian rocks. We did it a lot as kids and we did it again today. I can’t remember the last time I got to spend time with my sister and there we were on the bank, at Nona’s, digging in the dirt, suddenly we were kids again.

She brought her 8 year old daughter and Rainy and Sky were with me or I was with them perhaps I should say since Rainy drove us in her car. It was great!! I found a bunch!! I can’t wait to hunt them again.

Find the Indian rocks was fun but the best part was being back at my Nona’s house with my sister and our kids. We got to seen our aunt and uncle too and Billy even came outside to sit and talk while we hunted steadily on.

I have not been there in twenty years!! It was like it always was in the summer…a breeze from all the tall shade trees that I once climbed, the woods that I knew so well. Nona and Paw-Paw’s house so big and comforting  on the big hill. It was so so so wonderful. It was memories and peace. It was amazing.

I hope something amazing happens in your day too my friend. And I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art


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