I was in the midst of this when I saw it


This morning after yoga but before breakfast I went to the garden to harvest more tomatoes and check on the cucumbers and cantaloupes and corn. I picked the tomatoes and the cucumbers and then I moved on to the corn. I stood there in the garden shucking the corn and placing it in a big baggie to freeze for later. 100_1931. It was beautiful. The color of liquid silver. So shimmery and cute and tiny. So tiny. The tiniest little frog I have ever been so close to. I love love love frogs so this was especially specially amazing for me. I hope to see him again someday soon. The cats were chasing each other through the corn rows and the birds were singing and the breeze stirred ever so slightly as the sun was beginning to rise higher in the Carolina blue sky and there was Peace there and I got to share in it. I hope I can carry that peace with me all day long. And I hope you’ll stop back by again tomorrow….free verse hippie poetry day 😀  Much Peace Love Art!


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