Let’s uncover our peace and hold it tight


Here’s my thought for the day….Peace.

A simple little word probably associated most often with us hippie types but it’s for us all.  We’re all aging leaving trails of life behind us thinking of the  what ifs, the what nows. The what could I have done differentlys.

I think no matter our age though we all have those kinds of thoughts. Those horrible little nagging buzzing thoughts. But  what if we didn’t let ourselves be harassed by those thoughts and instead embraced them to let them spur us on in our pursuits of happiness that will lead no doubt to peace but always always always remembering peace isn’t a place, not thing, not a person not even a song although peace can be found there because it stirs that place inside you…us…that place of peace we already have and carry with us all the time but it gets covered up like a catch all place. You know where you toss things when you don’t need them right that second like keys or sketches or magazines. Pretty soon it’s piled high of stuff and you can’t find your peace anymore because it’s all cluttered with bills and deadlines and age and school and relationships and finances and errands and the tv and it’s yadda yadda yadda.

Ok, I’ve forgotten where  was going with this but here’s the thing, lets not allow ourselves to be snowed, frozen in fear of the unknown. Let’s be like pioneers and forge our way into our best life! Let’s uncover our peace and hold it tight, work to keep it unencumbered all the time. Finding peace may not always be easy but once found it should be protected at all costs!

Where do you find your peace? How do you uncover it within your daily life? It’s there just do some digging and see what you come up with…music, art, pets, daydreams that will show the way to go like a map to the future! Lt’s daydream more and pay attention to the inclinations found in them…I think they may be trying to tell us something.

Ok, my friend, going to go ink now but try to meet me back here tomorrow…much peace love art 😀


2 Comments Add yours

  1. PipTanager says:

    Yes! My peace is in bird song, gentle neck kisses, and working with my hands! I used to feel I didn’t DESERVE peace, it’s so heavenly! Now I know we all deserve it and have it readily available if we allow ourselves to be free 🙂 thank you my friend

    1. dawn says:

      That’s so cool! I’m glad you know how to find your peace and keep it too!! I wish we could share it with the whole world!! Ooh! One big hippie hug around the earth!! and big hugs to you too my zen friend 😀

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