I love love love yoga.


Ok, so y’all know how much I love love love yoga. I was asked recently about my practice and once I only practiced Ashtanga in the early morning and Atmananda in the evening but now I practice Hatha, Anusara, Shakti, too. I love a great vinyasa flow, a strong powerful practice but long deep stretches that are held for a few breaths too. Anyway, here’s a little sampling of the practices I do. I practice yoga every single day, early morning and late evening. Some practices may resonate with you and some might not, but I hope you find one you dig! And I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art 😀 Yoga!!


Atmananda Yoga

Anusara Yoga

hip openers

Hatha for Flexibility

Yoga with Adriene


Chakra Yoga open level

Power Yoga

Namaste Yoga

Anita Goa Yoga

Power Vinyasa



full primary ashtanga…Lesley Fightmaster


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