Free Verse Hippie Poetry…A little bird sat outside my window and asked my cat… why is the world such a mess this is life not a test?


A little bird sat outside my window

and asked my cat…

why is the world such a mess

this is life not a test?

The cat replied

with a sad sigh…


They don’t know how to live in peace

wrinkles in time have been creased

with tension and fear

of what’s happened before and what’s happening here.

Someone should change it! shouted a mouse

the tiniest of creatures headed for the house.

No one can change it replied a grasshopper

slicing the grass like a karate chopper.

It’s so sad and I feel so bad

the little bird tucked its head in it’s wing

it no longer felt the urge to sing.

The owl said from his perch…Maybe one alone can’t make a change

but a few of us can begin to rearrange

setting things upright or maybe sideways they should be

since a new way of seeing

is what I think we need.

Here! here! said the dog and the frog

who began to croak even though he thought he had a sore throat

he found he felt fine

that things could turn on a dime

the birds began to chime

in as the crickets came out in symphony

to accompany

the concert and

to join the peace rally

in forests

neighborhoods parks and

back alleys.

That day a change began to happen


they came together

not in protest

but in peace and ease

not against what they hate

no one is happy in that state.

standing for something

not against something else

like being

pushed against the rails and

fighting all the time

is not the way for Peace to find

you or you it.

Don’t have a fit.

Just breathe in and out

Side by side

a hippie little ride

of peace love and happiness

believing in something better

sooner rather than later.

One world

one thought

one wish




Today’s free verse hippie poetry written from my heart to yours. I hope you dig it friend. And I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow. Much PEACE LOVE HAPPINESS~




2 Comments Add yours

  1. PipTanager says:

    I dig it! Sweet rhymes my friend! We are manifesting the dream right now!

    1. dawn says:

      Thanks friend!! Together we can send the universe a big healing hug!

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