My idea of Utopia


I just can’t stop thinking about it. My idea of Utopia. Rolling hills, a mile long tree lined driveway with a covered bridge over a freshwater stream leading to a small country cottage nestled in the woods where sunflowers 101_8009and wildflowers grow everywhere and I practice yoga among them. Picket fences frame garden patches. Tomatoes have their own section of course, beans and sugar snaps and green peas have their own sharing ground with tall stalks of corn. squash and zucchini share space and cantaloupes sprawl and cucumbers crawl chasing the pumpkins that will decorate the front porch in October. Herbs have their own little thriving spot as well. Lavender and sage and mint. Lemon verbena and catnip for the cats grow with parsley and basil and thyme…nothing but time to live, grow, garden, make art, rescue pets, laugh, love and find peace. Peace in the home, peace on the land…so much land and no neighbors to see at all just trees and Mama Nature to be neighbors with. Deer dropping by to visit and chickens roaming freely about. I already live rurally but I want go deeper man. I want more land, more natural space. I want to have and outdoor shower and no one around to worry about offending. I want privacy to live freely and dance naked under the moonlight if the mood moves me lol. I want to live and let live in peace, safety, balance. I love the earth, nature in all it’s wonders,  it’s people I find scary but not you my friend I love you! I hope you have a beautiful day and meet me back here tomorrow as I manifest onward! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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