tomato slices with egg whites


We’re getting delicious healthy food from the garden just about everyday now and my sunflowers are getting taller and taller and the little peeks that will be sunshiny heads are getting bigger and bigger. Sunflowers are my favorite.

After evening yoga, long after lunch and a while before dinner at 7, I need a snack and I have a new favorite one as of late.  It’s left over, made fresh that noon for lunch, sauteed in olive oil spray with Italian seasonings, squash and zucchini, eaten cold from the fridge with chop sticks. It’s so good and I love it. A tasty and oh so good for you snack although probably a little unconventional as a snack but it works for me.

All the tomatoes, red and juicy are lined on the window sill

garden tomatoes…so tasty!

waiting for lunch and dinner as a side or laid out on a bed of honey wheat bread spread smooth with Lite Dukes mayo or if you’re like me, with sriracha and jalapeno peppers and spinach, but I’ve got to tell you I love love love tomato slices with my egg whites, when I have egg whites and I’m  thinking egg whites are going  to be on the menu soon. I’m starving right now.

I practiced Ashtanga yoga this morning it was wonderful but I am so hungry. But since Sparky is still sleeping I think I’ll paint for a while.  Here’s one I finished last night while watching Big Brother. DSCN3589Have a great day my friend and try to stop  by again tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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