Live it. Breathe it. Feel it. Change it. Dance through it.


Recently something happened to Rainy’s boyfriend’s brother. An extreme tragedy that I won’t go into detail about but use the horrible situation to remind myself, all of us, just how fleeting life actually is. You just really never know when the last time is the last time. Not to be macabre or morbid but we don’t know, most of us don’t know anyway, so take that extra 15 seconds to hug your person as they leave for work or school or a walk. Tell them you love them and feel it in your heart and soul. Enjoy your life and the life around you and if you don’t like some aspect do what you can to change it or make it better or pretty it up until you can do something else, the point is to not wallow or procrastinate or just hold off till next time. In an age where someone is just a click, a text message, a send button away we forget how to really connect. Today hug someone, hug a tree, hug a pet, hug a stranger, hug yourself! Taste your food, eat off a special occasion plate and drink from a pretty glass. Today is a special occasion, not because it’s Independence Day here in America but because it’s another day you got to wake up and live. So do just that my friend. Live it. Breathe it. Feel it. Change it. Dance through it. Laugh out loud, Feel Love. Be Love. Feel Peace. Be Peace. Share it.  This is important. The past is gone, the moment is fleeting, there it goes, and there goes another one, and another one and another…. Experience this moment for the time it is. Please. And forgive my somber post this morning but I feel really strongly about this and I want so much for us all to live full happy fulfilled lives of peace love and happiness and not loose another single minute to anything less. I hope you have a beautiful day you enjoy so so so much and I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art 😀


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