a very busy country living kind of morning


Hey friend! It’s 9:30 am and I’ve had a very busy country living kind of morning and it’s been glorious! First off I woke up around 5, getting up I cleaned the bathroom and litter box and started the laundry and carried out garbage and then I practiced yoga for a little over an hour and oh my gosh, it was so good. I love Atmanada because of all the postures you get to do each one becoming more advanced and the art balances!!! Love them!

Ok, so after yoga I changed and fed Mama outside and then started a loaf of bread as the laundry dried, after the bread was rising I tackled the bounty we retrieved from the garden the other day and began bagging green beans and chopping squash and zucchini all to go into the freezer till I want to eat it and I want to eat it all the time!! I’m living off squash and zucchini right now with homemade bread that is and fruits.

So, before breakfast my bathroom was clean, the laundry was washed, dried, folded and put away, litter box cleaned, Sparky made the bed, the fur babies were all fed, the bread was rising, the veggies chopped, the coffees made (coffees because Sparky has decaf due to migraines),  and then we ater and it was so good! I was starving.

It’s a beautiful country day too. It’s rainy and overcast and wonderful. Still hot but nice. Great for making art which I’m going to do right now so I’m gonna bounce, but meet me back here tomorrow ok? Much Peace Love Art!!


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  1. Love mornings like that 😊

    1. dawn says:

      I know right! The rain gave way this afternoon to sunshine. Fresh veggies, yoga, cats in open windows. Life is good 😀

      1. Sounds wonderful 😊

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