There are things I’m curious about, for instance


There are things I’m curious about  for instance where does the rainbow end? Is there really a pot of gold waiting there? If you drove and drove would you ever reach the end? I know the answer but I don’t like it so I’ll choose to maintain my childlike wonder and wonder on hopefully.

Do dogs have feelings? I think they do. I think dogs have more compassion that most people. Someone on tv said dogs don’t like to be hugged, that it made them feel trapped but I disagree. Perhaps his dog doesn’t care for hugs but our dog Molly loves hugs. She comes to you for a hug as a matter of fact. And I swear there’s love in her warm eyes. So, sorry mister , but some dogs do, in fact, love hugs. Cats on the other hand lol.

I also wonder about the illuminati. I am fascinated, transfixed. Enshrouded in mystery and wisdom and time they are baffling.

I wonder what it would be like to live the day backwards for a change. Doing everything, all routines in reverse.

I wonder how many people are touched each day by music. Losing their troubles in lyrics and memories and rhythm.

I wonder why does the dryer like to eat socks?

I wonder if stars really grant wishes and why everything looks brighter in the morning when it was so dark the night before.

I wonder if we’ll always be friends and where we’ll be next year this time and where does the time and coffee go?

I wonder if you’ll meet me back here tomorrow, I hope so! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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