Free Verse Hippie Poetry….Man on the Moon

wild mountain honey steve miller band

I stretched  as high as I could

standing on tiptoes

arms reaching higher and higher

trying to grasp your outstretched hand

as you perched there

on your star

covered in stardust and moonbeams

you glittered in the indigo light

my heart took flight

and so wanted to join you there

among the clouds and dreams

but it seems

you’re always just out of reach

until I learn to fly too

Shaking off the shackles

free at last!

free at last!

free to dream

to laugh

to live

to love

to sit among the moon and stars

sharing peace and coffee in the milky way with cereal and charms

open arms waiting

till then.

Today’s free verse hippie poetry just before I hit the mat to dream and stretch and practice my evening vinyasa yoga. I hope you dig it. I can see a new painting there actually. Meet me back here tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art 😀



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