As for now though, peace is reigning supreme


Yesterday I got to paint! I got 5 patches done for a yoga bag I’m working on and started working on a tote bag too. Today I probably won’t get as much art time in since Sparky has a doctor’s appointment and a follow-up appointment on Thur. regarding his surgery so a busy week and that means not much painting time for me. I need to stay on top of things this week for sure. I’ve got to get him up in time to shower and eat breakfast before we leave at 9 and probably won’t be back before lunch so I’ll come straight in to cook, do dishes and possibly finish cleaning the bathroom I started this morning lol. Maybe I can paint for a while before yoga this evening. As for now though, peace is reigning supreme. The morning air is cool, the skies are blue, the birds are singing and the roosters are saying it’s  past time to be up and at it! I’ve already been barefoot in the dewy grass  feeding Mama who must be sleeping in with her kittens or out for a stroll because she didn’t come out to greet me as she usually does. Mr. Coffee is awake now and I need to see him asap! so I’m gonna bounce but have a great day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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