dreams intertwining in seaweed and stars and spilling out in saturated psychedelic colors


I live a simple small life. A little bitty life in the country. My daily routines include (not in any particular order)



daily chores…dishes, errands, litter box and stuff like that

furry friends


seeking peace

listening to music

making art

drinking coffee (now you know it’s not in any particular order right? or else coffee and art would be before chores!)


and living.

Somehow most days I run out of time probably because of those pesky errands. Someday I want to have fewer errands and chores and more time to paint listening to music and finding peace in the country with furry friends sleeping on my tables or in my windows.

I wish I could make a living just painting and not thinking about how a potential buyer would utilize this or that. I paint thinking if was a tote maybe it would sell better than just a painting. Then I feel guilty for thinking the words ‘just a painting‘.  ‘Just a painting?!’ That’s not just a painting. It’s my soul, my heart, my time, my hopes and wishes and dreams.

Maybe I should dip my toes back in the gallery waters or art licensing waters, but I’m afraid of drowning or being eaten  by a shark! I’m not big on socializing. I’d rather be in the studio. I don’t really want to compromise my esthetic to paint roosters not that I don’t dig roosters, I do,  but my roosters would probably be taking a magic carpet ride rather than holding court in a bard yard pastoral scene.

Yes,  I realize that my art is probably challenging to mass market since my art is indeed a little out there. It’s really not in the box at all. It’s organic and unplanned with life and dreams intertwining in seaweed and stars and spilling out in saturated psychedelic colors where hookah caterpillars live alongside wise owls and cottages where flowers sit in mason jars in window sills. Is there a market out there for me? I hope so because those are my people, just like you are my friend, and I hope they find peace and memories and happiness when a piece of my peace goes from my barefoot home to theirs and I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow where perhaps I’ll have more  of the clarity I seek each day even setting it as the intention of my yoga practice lately. For now I just need more coffee and some food. So, have a beautiful day! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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