Why can’t we all just be nice to each other? Say hey and give hugs freely man.


It’s going to be another busy day. A on the go all day kind of day. A plans up in the air because your plans are tangled up with other’s plans and they are as of yet still indecisive kind of day. A wish I could stay home and paint but I can’t kind of day. Oh well, cie la vie. Maybe I’ll get myself a ukulele out of it. I mean, I deserve that…right? 😀  Yes, yes I do! Our local music shop doesn’t have the e string or bridge for my new yard sale violin. The one I found Sat. for 5.00! The case is worth more than that! I think it will be better for learning on since it’s smaller than my 4/4 violin and bigger than the baby violin. I need fret nots too until I get finger placement down pat. I really really really want to play my violins! I love them. I love music. Who knows maybe I’ll be able to play some Fleetwood Mac songs with my violin someday. I’ve got the keyboard out too. We have a stand for it so we may as well bring it in from storage and use it. Have I mentioned we love music? 😀 Probably a time or two…(grinning).

I’ve been watching, well listening to, John Lennon’s last interview and I think the interviewer was rude, condescending and rather a dick at times. I don’t like his vibe at all. I haven’t finished the whole thing yet though. I had to turn it off and turn on some music to unharsh my mellow man. Ha! That makes me think of Marshmallow Man! Anyway, Gloria Swanson seemed really rude to and about my girl, Janis Joplin too. I watch old interviews on YouTube or like I said listen to them while I paint in the studio. Yeah, I didn’t dig her vibe either.

Mean people just really suck, you know it? Why can’t we all just be nice to each other? Say hey! and give hugs freely man. It’s one world right? Why do so many want to be mean? Seem to get off on it even. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it and you know what? I hope I never do. I hope no one is mean to you my friend and I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow! Friday is free verse hippie poetry day here at my barefoot home. Ooh, gotta go bake my bread for breakfast. Fresh loaf just in time to partake of this morning before we hit the road jack! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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