Yesterday started off as normal


Okay, so yesterday…whew! Yesterday started off as normal with Ashtanga yoga, breakfast, laundry, dishes, furry friends and random life stuff like errands…post office to mail art to Great Britain and somewhere else, Kansas I think. Then the bank, the library but not to browse the stacks or pick up books on hold but to drop off which is no fun but Sparky was with me and since his gallbladder surgery he’s well, weak still and with good reason so yeah, no browsing just dropping. Let’s see then we went to the market and then home. I put stuff away, made lunch hotdogs and fixin’s. After lunch after dishes we followed Rainy and Michael who were hauling a car for Sparky. A car he sold and was being delivered over an hour away to a mechanic with a very sketchy address as in there really wasn’t one but finally we found it and got it dropped off. Came home hot and exhausted took a shower ate half a caramel rice cake , fixed big bowls of ice cream for Sparky, Sky and his buddy and Rainy (Michael had gone to take his truck home and get his car instead) and was 45 minutes into my evening yoga practice when Sparky wanted to go look at a deal he found online which was guess what over an hour away. So, we piled in the car, me, Sparky, Rainy and Michael and off we went. It was hot (the a/c doesn’t work in the jeep) and the interstate was nerve racking I hated it! The trip back home was wonderful though. Rainy set her phone’s gps for no highways and we had a scenic view all the way home and the deal…it was good. Back home 8:10pm. I came in preheated the oven, put on my pjs and made dinner and did the dishes while watching American Ninja Warrior (love that show), then at 10, I crashed! But I was up and down all night long! Totally not rested but I did my yoga this morning for an hour and a half since I was cut short last night and made breakfast and checked my emails and now here I am…sharing time with you and Piper who is lying in front on my keyboard lol. Today I have to clean the bathroom and hopefully get by the music store to pick up an e string and bridge for my new violin. I got a great violin Sat. for 5.00!! It came in a great case and the violin is beautiful but the e string is missing and the bridge is too. But the violin is the perfect size for learning. Now I have three lol. A small, medium and full size. I still want a ukulele and cello and a harp too! I want to tell you about Sparky’s dream last night but this is already so long I’ll save that story for tomorrow but here’s a teaser…Janis Joplin, Dylan, a hippie van, a country house and us! Meet me back here tomorrow and I’ll tell you all about it 😀 Much Peace Love Art!


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