I want to lose myself in every shade of green there is


Crickets. Just crickets today my friend. I am feeling so drawn to Nature. I know, I know, I always am but especially right now. I want to live in a tree, well, maybe a tree house lol. I want to be nestled in green and sounds of peace. Bird songs, serenading frogs, rushing streams. I want to lose myself in every shade of green there is from the deepest rainforest green to the lightest lime green. I want to let Mama Nature inspire my paint palette. I want to watch the sun come up, slowly peeking and stretching golden rays into her own sun salutation, growing larger with every repetition. I want to watch her settle into shavasana as the moon comes out to play with the stars in the indigo sky. I want to make my batiks inspired of such summer night skies. I want to pick from the garden tasty goodness for dinner…juicy vine ripened tomatoes, green beans, corn that will be grilled to perfection in its husk, a zucchini, eggplant, squash medley. Tasty things yet to come as they continue to grow under mama nature’s care and watchful eye.

I counted my sunflowers that are now probably 8 inches tall. I have app. 104 of them. Next year I want to double that! I would love to have the giant golden sunshines in a vase in the house but I never have the heart to cut them while they stand so proud in Mountain Pose along the fence line. So I wait until their beautiful heads bow in Namaste and then I may take a couple but not many as I leave them for the birds to harvest the seeds too. Autumn is just around the corner and you never know in NC if the autumn/winter weather will be chilly freezing or warm or all three in one day.

I need to paint! I need it like air and coffee and haven’t had one iota of time in days and days and days! But yoga has been practiced this morning, the laundry is drying which I hate! I don’t want to use a dryer, at least on warm sunny days. I want my clothes line! Anyway, there may a little bit of time before I have to make breakfast if I go so I’m gonna bounce to my easel after detouring to the coffee pot lol.

Have a beautiful day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art!


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