Tune In Turn On Drop Out, but in a good holistic way


Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out…repeat…often. In times of stress especially…breathe in, breathe out…mantra….it’s ok…it’s ok…it’s ok. When that mantra doesn’t take effect turn the music on! Tune in Turn on Drop out. Tune into yourself, your inner voice, your knowing, your instincts. Turn on the music and let it soothe the savage soul. Drop out of the drama, the stress. Let it fall from you like a dirty clothes hitting the floor before a cool cleansing shower.

I don’t go looking for drama and I bet you don’t either my friend, but sometimes that shit just finds you, seeks you out and draws you in like freaking quicksand. Quicksand man, that stuff scares me. I saw it on Gilligan’s Island and developed a big fear of, quicksand and tsunamis. And that’s what drama and stress are like…quicksand that will drag you down and smother you if you let it.

When someone tries to draw you into their drama just be straight up and tell them you are so not looking for a supporting guest role in their soap opera but you will send some light and love energy. I wish I had remembered this sooner this morning lol. But it’s all good now man. Life’s good just don’t let yourself get smothered covered in quicksand or swept out to sea of drama by a tsunami.

Tune in, Turn on, Drop out but in a good holistic way 😀

Meet me back here tomorrow my friend!

Have a beautiful day,

Much Peace Love Art Hippie Vibes


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