A Series Of Strange Events


Beginning from the top which would be yesterday….

Rainy’s boyfriend Michael was at work…a mechanic at a dealership…when a van began to roll at a speed that made people nearby start yelling STOP! STOP! because it was headed right for Michael and another guy. They were able to get out of the way just in the nick of time. The van crashed into the wall, a block wall, leaving it (the wall) cracked. One of the salespeople had left it in neutral! Here’s the thing…the van wasn’t on a slope, a hill or a lift.

Next strange event (yesterday). It rained, thundered a little but we didn’t see any lightning, two healthy branches fell from my favorite tree though and I had just that morning talked to it telling it how much I loved it but I didn’t hug it. I hugged the peach and plum trees but not my favorite tree now I wish I had since two big leafy branches were broken from it 😦

Around that same time I was about to practice yoga, excited to be practicing while it rained when the power went out and stayed out for the next 2 1/2 hours. Now, here’s the thing, ours was the only street in our community that lost power. Maybe ten houses if that. Weird huh?

We made the best of our time though. I still practiced yoga, Sparky and Sky played poker and Rainy read. Then we went outside after the rain and checked the garden, and I talked to my tree and fed mama cat under the house and played frisbee and took a short walk mainly because I was jonesing for coffee and no power! I cleaned up my studio and tried my easel out in different spots  and we were about to start playing music when the power came back on so we just ignored it and continued to play. Sky on his Fender acoustic and Sparky on his and me with my violin but I switched over to the xylophone, hope we play again today but I hope the power stays on!

Back to the strange events…today I heard the bathroom door close and thought Sparky was up. I left my studio to go to the kitchen to get my homemade bread from the oven and glanced over at Rainy sitting on the sofa. I got out the bread and then took out the laundry to fold it and was about to tell Rainy I would start breakfast in a minute when I looked to where she was sitting…she wasn’t there. Hadn’t been there. Sparky wasn’t up, Rainy was in the bathroom instead, but clearly I had seen her sitting there. When she returned to the sofa Zoey, her Chihuahua, growled at her or at something unseen.

Then at breakfast Zoey was sitting on the back of the sofa staring up and around like she was watching something. Fairies? Ghosts? Who knows because she’s not telling.

It’s only 10:15 in the morning, it’s going to be a Lemony Snicket’s kinda day right?

Have a beautiful day and meet me back here tomorrow!

Much Peace Love Art…Unsolved Mysteries


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