The Remains Of Yesterday


It was a good day and I hope with all my heart and soul you were off from daily routines and able to enjoy it spending some much needed time outside. We spent almost the whole day outdoors. We grilled corn in the husk and baked potatoes on the grill along with steak for the meat eaters (not me). We lounged by the pool and some partook in cocktails (again…not me…too much yoga for alcohol and I have enough trouble with balance postures lol). I picked raspberries and played my xylophone with The Steve Miller Band that was fun. I am much better with the xylophone than I am with the violin and now I want to get the drums set up and the stand for the keyboard we bought at a yard sale last summer for about 5 dollars. I say about because they threw in a toss across game too. I loved that toy! And lawn darts! Do you remember those? We caught up on Grimm. I love love love Grimm! We’ve declared Sunday as Family Pool Day. So, any art I do on Sundays will be done by the table on the pool deck and I’m good with that. It’s going to be a busy day. Sparky has another doctor’s app. and then we’re stopping by the market for

1.peaches and and

3. poptarts (his dessert of choice lol).

Sooo, I’m gonna bounce and go start breakfast. Have a great day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art Life


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