Litter box was in my money section! Feng Shui, Yoga, Picking Raspberries In The Rain


So yesterday I realized that according to feng shui my litter box was in the money section of my art studio. Isn’t that like putting out into the Universe I think money is…well…poop? So that’s right, I did it again but only making a few changes such as moving that litter box! Now my computer is tucked cozily into a little nook with a poster of french doors with a view of the Eiffel Tower  behind it and my little yard sale treasure from yesterday…a money tree from Mexico. I love it! There’s even more room for practicing yoga in here too! I want to see how it feels now to make art. I put my art supply cart pretty much in the center of the room since art is the heart of all I do and then I put a long table in the front windows with a chair so Piper can get there and she can still cross the room using furniture to get to the bay window seat. She can’t get to my cutting table any more…I don’t think, but you never know.

After yoga this morning as my bread continued to rise I went out to my raspberry patch and picked them in the sprinkling rain and it was beautiful. Once Upon a Time Girl…Dancing BarefootedI got a small container full and will have some at breakfast in a little bit and maybe toss some in my salad at lunch.

Last night while Sparky vacuumed the pool I practiced yoga on the deck. Just a free form flow with some arm balances. I love arm balances!

The trees are stirring and the rain is falling and it’s all calling my name so my friend, I’m gonna bounce. Have a beautiful day!!! Meet me back here tomorrow if you can!

Much Peace Love Art Feng Shui!


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