Yoga and Coffee…life is good


Please sir, may I have more? That was me and Mr. Coffee just now. Yoga was great! A powerful energetic vinyasa flow that has left me fluid and free and feeling alive. Sparky has no doc’s app. today so maybe I can make art. He has mentioned he’d like to go to Pull-A-Part which is like a graveyard for cars with a Walking Dead vibe and when he does he usually needs me to go along to help so who knows? Sigh…

It’s so nice this morning. Windows open, cool, birds singing…ahhh…life is good and so is the coffee. I think I’ll go out to the garden for a while before I make breakfast so I’m gonna bounce but have a beautiful day my friend. Play some music, eat something tasty, go for a walk. Just enjoy life, this is the only Thursday May the 26th we will ever have again so let’s celebrate the day for what it is…another beautiful day to be alive on planet Earth.

Meet me back here tomorrow for free verse hippie poetry day 😀 Much Peace Love Art 😀


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