It Was A Long Long Long Busy Day


Oh my gosh, I’m so tired! It’s been a long day my friend.

  1. Up at 5 am (as usual)
  2. yoga 5:30-6:30 am
  3. Got Sparky up for the doctor
  4. left home @ 7:10 for 8 am app.
  5. I drew in the car for about 90 minutes
  6. back home around 10 am
  7. made breakfast
  8. dishes
  9. fed the Mama cat outside
  10. watered the hummingbirds
  11. picked raspberries
  12. pulled weeds from the garden
  13. started a loaf of bread
  14. cleaned the bathroom
  15. carried out garbage
  16. took a shower
  17. bread on second rise
  18. started lunch
  19. ate lunch
  20. baked bread
  21. dishes
  22. sliced bread
  23. cleaned the litter box
  24. swept
  25. started the laundry
  26. ran errands with Sparky
  27. laundry
  28. yoga
  29. cooked dinner
  30. dishes
  31. made more room in my studio
  32. checked email
  33. wrote this blog post while drinking the last of today’s coffee
  34. going to get the coffee pot ready
  35. let Molly out for the last time today
  36. let Molly back in
  37. go to bed with Molly and Bijou while Sparky stays up to watch tv for a while longer
  38. have sweet dreams
  39. wake up ready for yoga in the morning 😀

Have a beautiful night my friend and stop by again tomorrow if you can and I hope you can 😀 Much Peace Love Art!


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